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The Tyrfing Saga

For hundreds of years since the Great Wars, the peoples of Midgard have lived in isolation. Age-old feuds and fears have bred so much hatred that they have almost forgotten their common enemy behind the Dark Mountains in Nilfordor. Their only hope against the armies of Nilfordor and the sorcery of their leader, the Dark Lord Marcan, lies in their ability to work together to find the long-lost sword Tyrfing—the most powerful and evil weapon ever forged.

The mysterious sage Eldir knows the only hope against Marcan is for young Angantyr to join him on a quest to retrieve the sword. A descendant of the legendary warrior Arngrim, Angantyr is the hero prophesied to destroy the sword and restore order to Midgard. Eldir convinces Angantyr that his destiny is to wield the sword long enough to destroy it and Marcan along with it. Now he must convince the rulers of Midgard to commit their sons to accompany Angantyr on his mission.

The journey leads the band of adventurers from haunted hills to beautiful forests, where they find love, take on a one-eyed monster, and engage in furious battles. But if they slip even once, all will be lost.

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