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Fifteen billion dollars! And not one item has ever been found. Coming to the aid of an old girlfriend, Doctor Shane Randall finds himself caught up in a hunt for the treasure of the Copper Scroll, the strangest of the Dead Sea Scrolls written two thousand years ago and rediscovered in 1952. In doing so, he and a small group of friends are pitted against a secret order employing a psychotic killer, Palestinian terrorists, and Jordanian secret police. 


Their quest takes them to Khirbet Qumran in the Palestinian West Bank, across the Jordan River to Rihab, Jordan, and finally to Jerusalem to the headquarters of the first century Jewish Christians and the nearby tunnels and caves of Mount Zion.


The Treasure of the Sicarii Gospel is a modern-day treasure hunt set in the backdrop of first century real events. It has the psychopathic elements of the James Patterson Alex Cross series, the historical clues and symbols of Dan Brown novels, and the archaeological adventure of Indiana Jones films.

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