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As a distinguished business leader and accomplished author with over four decades of experience, Randall's website offers a captivating glimpse into his multifaceted career. With an impressive track record of leading technology giants like Yahoo, Sabre, First Data, and CommonSpirit Health, Randall's expertise in fostering strong leadership teams and driving high-performance organizations shines through his inspiring communication style.

Dive into a literary realm that spans various genres, as Randall's creative prowess extends to both fiction and nonfiction writing. Unleash your imagination with his enthralling fantasy tales or embark on thrilling international adventures through his riveting thriller works. In the realm of nonfiction, explore thought-provoking religious studies and insights into effective leadership, providing readers with valuable knowledge and perspectives.

Randall Gannaway is no stranger to accolades, having been recognized with prestigious awards like iUniverse's Editor's Choice and Publisher's Choice honors. On this website, you'll find an engaging fusion of business acumen and storytelling finesse, making it an absolute delight for enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Prepare to be enthralled, enlightened, and inspired as you embark on an unforgettable journey through the mind of this exceptional writer and visionary business leader.

Podcast Interview

Numbers Of The Bible How to Interpret the Mind of God

The Treasure of the Sicarii Gospel

The Frontline Gazette

Prepare yourself for a literary boost with Randall Gannaway's most recent newsletter! Filled with thought-provoking reflections, engaging narratives, and exclusive news, it's a must-read for anyone passionate about books. Dive into details about recent book launches, participate in discussions, and stay in the loop with even more exciting content.

December 2023 Issue

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January 2024 Issue

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Numbers of the Bible

Understanding The Mind of God Books

The Treasure of the Sicarii Gospel

Adventure/Thriller Books

Sci Fi/Fantasy Books

The Tyrfing Saga

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